***** A New Condensed version of the fan favourite “Filmmaker Bootcamp” *****

Less Talking and More Shooting!!!

Independent Filmmakers Intensive One Day Seminar

When: SUNDAY ARPIL 22, 2018

Location: Innovation Works London – 201 King St, London, ON N6A 1C9

Time: 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Cost: $ 85.00 per person

Max: 25 Attendees Max


Do you want to stop talking about making a film and start shooting it? Are you constantly running in to roadblocks getting your project off the ground? Stop being your own worse enemy, and yes, we as filmmakers are often just that. If you are an active or aspiring independent filmmaker, director or producer this one day workshop is for you! Learn the things no film school can teach you from practical knowledge and experience.

Join Writer/Director/Producer Greg A. Sager of Matchbox Pictures as he delves into and breaks down the entire independent filmmaking process, shooting in London and lays out how to get your film projects up and going for the whole world to see.

Learn how to not limit yourself as a filmmaker, utilizing your resources, raising capital, attracting the right talent & crew and most importantly, finishing you film!

This intensive 1 day seminar covers the do and don’ts of independent filmmaking, from start to finish…


“Oh, so you wrote its raining”…Choosing & writing the right project, the budgetary genre gap and working within it.


“Too much is never enough”…From locations and casting to your perfect crew and understanding the tips and tricks on keeping things moving and everyone committed and engaged.


“You have how much?”…How to make your characters come alive with your budget and genre without breaking the bank.


“Feeding the Beast”…Choosing the right camera, scheduling, the art of compromise, picking your battles and the importance of a great Production Manager.

Post Production

“Can’t see the forest”… The highs and lows of the post process and how to get it done whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring an editor.  Tips and tricks on utilizing resources you didn’t even know you had.

Marketing and Distributing your film

“Sending your child out into the world”…Letting go and what to watch out for…Deciding upon direct distribution, distributors and sales agents. Understand how distribution works and the reality of the new media era and how it affects the independent filmmaker & their films.

Q&A Session

‘Ask your Questions’ and get invaluable feedback about your project.

Greg A. Sager has over 18 years of experience in film & video production and has three feature films (‘Devil Seed’, ‘Kingdom Come’ and ‘Gray Matter’) under his belt which have been distributed in more than 60 countries around the world.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3419080/

Known For

The Devil in Me
Kingdom Come
Kingdom ComeDirector
Gray Matter
Gray MatterDirector
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